We meet, we talk, we learn and sometimes we lunch

When you meet with us, you will find yourself in the company of a very nice supporting people representing a broad range of practices from health and wellness providers to legal and financial services to real estate and insurance brokers. While our members are recognized as top performers in their respective professions, no one in our group is a stranger to levity. We try to make it interesting and fun while growing out businesses.


Lands End meets every Thursday at 12:15 pm pst  |  Join Us!

One Person per Industry

One-person-per-industry is a primary BNI rule, meaning that we are selective about whom we accept into our chapter. We look for people who are the principal of their businesses or the primary business development representative with at least five years experience, have a history of building a business by referrals and giving referrals, and have a solid database of customers, friends, and colleagues whom they can introduce to our members and vice-versa.

Lands End has been a BNI chapter for over a 16 years

Lands End meets every Thursday at 12:15 pm pst  |  Join Us!

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